Information I have used is mostly according to this website Hi, I am looking to get in to Bogota from London. It wouldn't surprise me if everything gets canceled but right now it just seems like the international flights connecting through Bogota are canceled. It is not a coincidence that the above 2 flights leave Miami at the same time. Let's see what happens. Can she just call Migracion to sort this out? Hi, Hi Robert, A Colombian friend of mine is stuck here in the US. Please advice. I will be flying in beginning of November from Manchester., Im booked for AA on October 9th-29th to travel to Cali, Colombia & they haven't canceled my flight. I will be updating this travel alert first thing this morning. Unless I hear otherwise I'm going to ignore it and plead ignorance if it comes up. When will he be allowed to go back to Colombia? For UK gov page info: Once I’m allowed in from the USA with my negative PCR test, are there any restrictions for domestic air travel to other Colombian cities? Don't even get me started on Claudia!! Life as we know will never be the same and the separation of families and loved ones is as devastating as the virus itself maybe even worse. All international flights banned in September. My son will be born September 16th so i really need this September 1st I only need 7-8 days in Bogota, on business. The next best is 19 hrs which have 2 stop overs and it's including Panama city. And according to Al Dorado airport Twitter account, they said … This particular center was doctorscall, they have centers in London too. Cheers, Not sure when that will take effect. Canceled evidently. That did NOT happen... maybe by the time we land in Columbia- NOPE!!! I'd recommend contacting your local Colombian embassy for clarification, as your circumstances are quite specific. And anyone in UK please let us know. 3) I said I am considering flying to Ecuador first as they give a 10 day period from getting results taken and then getting a new test done in Ecuador before travelling into Colombia. Check back here tomorrow morning for the latest update. James Please contact your airline for this specific information. Are there restrictions on intercity or interstate travel? For further information, see the Colombian Health Ministry announcement. , Awesome, thanks so much for getting back to me! Thank you. My friend who is Colombian has been here for several months and is scheduled to fly to Bogota from Miami leaving LA on the 27th of this month. My (Colombian) Fiance Left a month ago and needed the PCR test. for example flying from germany to bogota directly is a no go but flying from germany to mexico and than colombia is ok? Most likely via Miama. Amelia, World Nomads. We've been planning it for about a year, but obviously the Covid situation has thrown things up in the air a bit. Please visit the, and follow other protocols upon arrival. Gracias. He explained, technically yes, however this is still unclear and I recommend you call back on Friday 2nd when I hope to have an answer as we have a meeting on the Wednesday. Stories are everywhere. 'Passengers will be refused entry if they do not possess a negative PCR test result for novel coronavirus issued no more than 96 hours prior to departure.' Is there a reason why you are avoiding USA? Daryl, Hi all Can someone please confirm PCR test required Hi Joe, with all due respect ... Cheers, Amelia, World Nomads. DJ. I still haven't book my ticket yet cause it so confusing. As far as leaving the country, what restrictions are there? No where states that I need a test to leave Colombia - do I need a test to exit the country? Justin. L Leon Exactly the same as me. Kind of defeated the purpose though because people were out in large numbers on Friday night before the curfew hit. My flight search starts again. (Also for all the 7 people in our group). Only domestic, Hi, my mom has been stuck in FL with me since march, she is a dual citizen with medical concerns. Alaska 6. Hey, bud great information!! I called AA and they said bring electronic or paper showing PCR test. Does spirit airlines prefer a printout of the PCR test or digital from phone? Here is the Good news yet again from the UK. We understand that, Colombia is temporarily extending visa validity for those in Colombia until thirty calendar days after the conclusion of the national health emergency established by the Colombian government. I know probably noone knows for sure but i want to know if anyone has any insider info or heard anything. The Ministry of Transportation announced that initial international flights will resume with the United States, Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. Omar, In a 5 hour flight...1 time. International flights with some destinations may resume from 21 September, and these destinations MIGHT include Cali, Medellin and Cartagena. I was booked to go to CTG Sunday 4 Oct. flight cancelled, rebooked Thurs 8th. Thanks in advance! Anyone knows anything about this ? Anyone got any ideas? Canada is not on the list. But my flight connects in Mexico City to Bogota. My fiance just got back from the Matecaña airport pereira, there was 1 plane on the runway. What company? Hello to everyone, As @JuanDaVelez enforce the mayor of other cities including Bogota to open their international airport. They need to at least open up Essential travel or give a straight answer. Current requirements to enter Colombia Travelers are required to fill out the Check-Mig form between 24 hours and 1 hour before departure. Trying to complete the Check-Mig form but it won't accept the flight number, Have seen this has been a problem with previous flights and spoken to the embassy about it just now but no success. And I read this on YouTube video Spirit airlines is turning away everyone who doesn't have a covid test. Cheers, Hi, are there any known restrictions for passengers flying to Colombia from a specific state in the US? The airline has their own protocols. My mom was supposed to come into Armenia on September 22, from Ft. Lauderdale I think. If this is allowed this should be a link to my facebook profile and some info you should see: Intro Cheers, Any help very much appreciated. My girlfriend lives in Santa Marta, I live in Toulouse, France. However, all land, sea and river borders remain closed. However, the IAH->BOG flight was the worse. As we have an apartment in Facatativa they told her to quarantine there and get another PCR test. I am amazed at how disorganized this is. My American and Canadian friends. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Agustin! External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein. You must bring spare facemasks and follow the airline’s instructions on how regularly to change them during the flight. "According to Decree 1168 of August 25, 2020, all land, sea and river border crossings in the country will remain closed until October 1, 2020." Amelia, World Nomads. I have a negative PCR test uploaded and everything else is self-explanatory, but this has me stumped.